Asylums & Hospitals

Selly Oak Hospital

It’s certainly been a while since we had an explore on this scale and what an explore it was! After an early start, a McDonalds breakfast and quick fuel stop we arrived at Selly Oak Hospital to spend the next two hours looking for an access point.

Industrial Military

Lyndon Green BT Repeater Station

Quick little explore this one, largely due to the lower level of the bunker being knee deep in water. Though a return trip with some wellies could well be on the cards at some stage… The bunker itself is well worth a look if you can brave the waters, it would also be worth noting to make sure you have a fresh set of batteries in your torch! Loose light down there and you will be stuck as the place is in total darkness! Here’s a little history on the site, once again shamelessly stolen from the interwebs.