Croxley Rail Link

With a handy tip off from a certain newspaper and a quick search on google maps, we were alerted to an old railway line that until now, never knew existed!

This is high on the list of locations that fall into the category of expecting too much, upon arrival we quickly discovered that nature has certainly reclaimed most of this and the explore quickly turned into a jungle expedition with 90% greenery to picture.

Due to the overgrowth, we only explored the remains of Cassiobridge station and Watford Vicarage Road station, missing out on Watford West station. Perhaps a visit in the winter months would be ideal for this?

Putting the jungle of overgrowth aside, there is little remaining of the stations themselves, with only the platforms and line remaining with the odd few fences and street lamps. It was surprising to find that in certain sections the third rail had even fallen away from the tracks.

There’s a lot of history to this one with various uses of the line dating back to the 1800s so at risk of an entire essay I am going to leave the history off this one.

Revisit – 19/12/2020

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