Faces Nightclub

After exploring another nightclub in recent months gone by, it suddenly dawned on me that this place has been standing empty for quite some time now and being close by would be well worth a mooch about.

After watching the place over a few weeks and noticing to let signs go up, quickly followed by scaffolding and boarding I knew we had to act fast before it’s too late.  Local rumour appears to be that the former nightclub is being converted into apartments, though that’s no surprise there!

The bad news… it’s now very much stripped of anything even resembling it’s former days have long gone and is now simply a building site.

Snapping a few pictures of the little that was worth seeing, we were made our way back into the darkness, leaving only very dusty footprints behind. There’s plenty of history on the club to be found online but here’s a short snipping of the most “recent” news.

In 2013 Faces underwent £100,000 refit, which included an airport-style security scanner on the door, light shows and exclusive VIP booths.

The nightclub was bought by 16-year-old Alfie Best, star of Channel 4s My Big Fat Gypsy Fortune in August, but closed again at the end of October after three months of star-studded events.

As with many, the club’s closing party was marred when police were called following an altercation outside the club.

The teenage entrepreneur’s PA, James Kenneth said that he had sold the club in order to move his business into London.