House K

I’m alive and back on the urbex game, or at least when I get a chance! So given the opportunity to check this place out with another local explorer, how could I say no?

I had actually known about this spot for quite some time but never got round to it with other locations higher on the list and other enjoyments of life getting in the way.

So a quick random conversation with a fellow explorer escalated very quickly and we quickly found ourselves standing inside the affectionately named house K (it’s an inside joke… sorry, not sorry).

Normally I would say how stripped and trashed a spot is and, speaking to some, the building had been trashed a lot over recent months. However in my eyes, it was easily one of the most packed locations I had been to for quite some time full of everything from car parts to pianos and more car parts with extra car parts tucked away. Anyone who knows me can see one of my many attractions to this place.

History wise I have chosen not to share as this place is becoming more of a tour bus recently and as I have been told, has been trashed quite quickly.

So onto the pictures and with any luck more urbex trips soon!