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Lyndon Green BT Repeater Station

Quick little explore this one, largely due to the lower level of the bunker being knee deep in water. Though a return trip with some wellies could well be on the cards at some stage… The bunker itself is well worth a look if you can brave the waters, it would also be worth noting to make sure you have a fresh set of batteries in your torch! Loose light down there and you will be stuck as the place is in total darkness! Here’s a little history on the site, once again shamelessly stolen from the interwebs.

“Known to BT as Lyndon Green TRS (telephone repeater station) or Birmingham/G, this building is one of the handful of protected repeater stations constructed during the Cold War period. Its life as a functioning BT building having almost ended, the company allowed a visit for study and photography purposes.

Lyndon Green was known technically as a PR1 (protected repeater station, type 1), comprising a two-level bunker with heavy blast doors. It is semi-sunken, with the main distribution frame and active equipment on the ground floor and power plant and ventilation system in the basement below ground.”