North Weald Mobilisation Centre

Being in the localish area was a great opportunity to revisit this place with Capture Photography, six years after my previous visit back in 2014.

Access had changed considerably since my previous visit but the site remained the same, with the added bonus of being much less flooded than all those years back. We also managed to see the remains of the car that was hidden under water previously.

Breif history below as this is a well known and well visited site anyway.

13 Mobilisation Centres were built between 1889 and 1903 as part of the London Defence Scheme. These were not planned as forts although some of them would have been armed on mobilisation. Their main function was as a store for guns, small arms ammunition, tools and other equipment required for the batteries and infantry allocated for the defence of the neighbourhood in the event of a foreign invasion. The casemates could also be used as barrack accommodation.