Selborne Brickworks

Random road trips to the middle of nowhere because we can, always results in urbex! This time the industrial goodness that is Selborne Brickworks.

This place is packed with quite a bit of machinery still considering how long the place has been shut and certainly made for some awesome photos, with some cool graffiti dotted about too from whoever I can assume is “Just Matter” 🤷‍♂️

Some short and brief history on the place followed by the all important pictures

Handmade brick and roof tiles were made here since 1872 but sadly went into administration in 2009. The owner of the brickworks in 2016 was found guilty of damaging/destroying the resting/breeding place of a wild animal of a European protected species.

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Selborne supplied all the bricks for the building of the new Glyndebourne Opera House in 1993. Its bricks were felt to be more attractive than those of much larger manufacturers. The project took the entire output of the works for several years.

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