Tenterden Train Graveyard

I had an urge to get something I haven’t done ticked off the list and this time was an abandoned train. Through all the years of exploring, this is the first train explore for me.

Exploring again with CapturePhotography and setting off at a reasonable mid morning time with a pleasant 24c heat behind us, we made our way to Kent in search of the trains.

For the first time in years we bumped into a few other explorers too which made for a nice change and a convenient hint on access.

The explore itself was pretty relaxed, with a mixed bunch of train carriages in varying conditions and surprisingly the crane controls still in working condition.. sort of.

We did however have a baffling encounter with a local who insisted on repeatedly shouting “what do you think you’re doing?!” over and over, regardless of our response, so leaving him to his broken record we decided it was our time to leave. Legend has it, he’s still there repeating the same words.

The Kent & East Sussex Railway opened in 1900 as England’s first ‘light railway’, serving the rural communities of East Sussex and Kent. Closing to passengers in 1954, the line was saved and reopened by a charitable organisation in 1974. It now operates steam hauled and diesel observation trains on a 10.5 mile line from Bodiam Castle in East Sussex to the historic market town of Tenterden in west Kent.

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