Wingfield Railway Station

Heading north from my usual area of abode to pick up myself a new 4 wheeled toy (none from this report of course) and seeing this place was nearby, what better opportunity for a mooch.

Being a bit of a car nut myself, I have been on a bit of a mission to see some abandoned vehicles so this was a perfect quick little explore to satisfy that mission. For now anyway.

Certainly some interesting vehicles on the site, one of which in my opinion is well worthy of a restoration! Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get inside the station building itself and didn’t fancy crossing the live tracks to see the platform side of the building.

Wingfield railway station was a railway station built by the North Midland Railway on its line between Derby and Leeds which is now part of the Midland Main Line.

From Ambergate the line passes Wingfield with a station which closed in 1967 although the buildings, by Francis Thompson, remain, although in a derelict condition. Nearby is the ruined Wingfield Manor, one of the places where Mary, Queen of Scots, was imprisoned.

In times past this area was important for coal mining, at Oakerthorpe, South Wingfield, with a branch to Shirland