Ferry House Fish Farm

Being in Oxfordshire out on a work job and this place being local gave the perfect opportunity for a few well over due urbex trips and obligatory McDonalds.

Having seen this place shared about quite a bit I was quite excited to go see something quite so grand. Despite the typical vandalism, I was still not disappointed only other than my pictures being less than my usual standard but still! It’s been a while.

I was slightly baffled by how this place could possibly be a fish farm until finding the remains of the farm way out the back of the gardens and even more confusing, stumbling onto what appeared to be a live section of the fish farm.

The added bonus of it all of course, various rooms still set up for staged shots from previous explorers.

History borrowed from Mooksters report as I can never be bothered to write my own these days.

The large rambling house was converted into a fish farm in 1952 and then refurbished in 2003, it gained a good reputation within fisheries circles until it closed it’s doors in 2018 after the deaths of it’s owners. The property was handed down to family members but has been left derelict ever since.

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