Shirburn Primary School

A visit by chance, being local in the area and a quick search for local spots brought this place to our attention. At first, not even noticing the building being near totally covered in ivy.

Despite the above, I didn’t see much point with external shots with the building almost camouflaged to the trees surrounding it.

This is without a doubt one of the sketchiest places I have been in a while, yet for some reason felt strangely happy to wonder about, although deciding to totally avoid the upper floor having seen various holes straight through.

Not bad for a quick explore and actually prefer my pictures from here to Ferry House which was explored on the same day.

History wise, I can’t find much information but I found this on another report that was pinched from wikipedia.

A parish school had been established in Shirburn by 1808. By 1871 it was described as occupying a cottage that had been converted into a schoolhouse. In 1946 it was reorganised as a junior school, and older pupils went to school in Chinnor. In 1950 Shirburn school was closed.

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