Odeon Cinema

After quite possibly the longest and most frustrating wait, I finally managed to access what’s been at the top of my exploration list for quite some years now!

Many will recognise this location but I will keep names quiet and access details to myself as the last reported visit was a considerable number of years ago. Not that we turned them on, but amazingly power is still on throughout the building too!

Pictures are unfortunately limited due to a crazy amount of rather dangerous dust and the largest amount of dead pidgeons and shite I have ever seen in my life. But being an urbexer I pressed on battling through the stench for as long as I could.

The Odeon cinema opened on February, 1960.

In June 1987, it closed for redevelopment with smaller cinemas whilst the front retained the original box and screen.

The Odeon was refurbished in 2001 and rebranded with the new Odeon style. This was despite the competition from a six-screen multiplex which opened back in 1990. Its future looked hopeful, however it was closed in August 2005.