Asylums & Hospitals

Queen Elizabeth II Hospital

Certainly at the top of the list of splores this, without a doubt worth the trip! All be it only 20 mins away, for some of us anyway 😛

The day started early and after some very useful hints from a fellow explorer we walked straight into the hospital with no trouble at all, best of all the automatic doors were still working! A slightly odd experience in an abandoned hospital for the doors to literally welcome to through, but with the power still in throughout the hospital made for some amazing shots and a lot of laughs.

Enough of the talking though, time for some history and pictures!

The Queen Elizabeth II hospital – or the QEII as it is known locally, is located in Welwyn Garden City and run by East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust.

The first full hospital to be built by the NHS, the QEII had some 100 beds. All inpatient and emergency services were transferred by October 2014 to the Lister Hospital (Stevenage), which has had £150 million invested in major new facilities.

Since October 2014, the QEII has continued to offer a range of general hospital services for people living and working in many parts of east and south Hertfordshire. These include GP services, outpatient clinics, diagnostic (radiology, pathology and endoscopy), a breast unit and antenatal and postnatal care, as well as a 24/7 urgent care centre for adults and children of all ages with minor injuries and illnesses. £30 million has been invested in new facilities. The old hospital site is now closed and the land will be used for housing and a care home.