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Queen Elizabeth II Hospital

Certainly at the top of the list of splores this, without a doubt worth the trip! All be it only 20 mins away, for some of us anyway 😛

The day started early and after some very useful hints from a fellow explorer we walked straight into the hospital with no trouble at all, best of all the automatic doors were still working! A slightly odd experience in an abandoned hospital for the doors to literally welcome to through, but with the power still in throughout the hospital made for some amazing shots and a lot of laughs.

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Peterborough District Hospital

Bit of a backup plan this one after another location didn’t get off the ground. Not much left to see now, however a great little explore none-the-less… The site is pretty much just a shell now with the majority of the site demolished, leaving only part of the main building standing. Had the camera with me at this one but decided not to use it, plus an awesome test for my new phone haha! Here’s the usual bit of history pinched off the interwebs…

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