Asylums & Hospitals

Vagrant Cells

With a very cold -3c start, we were off to  the Vagrant Cells in Melton Mowbray. Not really knowing what we were looking for, we immediately discovered the main building was abandoned and looked nothing like the pictures we had come across online of the cells.

A quick walk about and a bump into a member of staff from the birthing center on the same site resulting in an amusing conversation of what are you doing and do you have permission to take pictures. We headed back round to the front site to discover the doors wide open to the cells!

Unfortunately we did not manage to locate the mortuary and with a face full of spiders webs and cob webs we decided to move onto the next spot nearby.

Here’s the history on the cells, shamelessly stolen from Slayaaaa of 28dl.

Work house turned hospital, this place, unlike most others, retained some of it’s original features from it’s Workhouse early years. The whole Vagrant’s block had been retained. Why they did this was unclear, but a small section of this small block was converted into a small Mortuary that would service both St Mary’s and Melton Mowbray cottage hospitals.