Asylums & Hospitals

The Tindal Centre

Back in the game after a bit of a break from the urbex world and teaming up with the original urbex buddies for the first time in nearly a year! So was a great laugh as always, as well as a semi good explore.

The day started well, after a quick scout around the site we were in. Unfortunately, in true Urbex Devil style, we had missed the boat for the majority of the site as it was mostly sitting in rubble, but we could see certain sections still looking quite fresh with everything still inside.

We decided to make our way over to the derpiest looking side of the site first and, as expected, found mostly a shell of a building with the odd few toilets. Though the toilets were intact I might add! Nice to see they hadn’t been smashed up by the local yobbos for a change.

Feeling we made the right choice checking out the derp side first, we made our way over to the other side of the site and with a stroke of genius, we were inside! Unlike the rest of the site we had seen, this was still fresh looking with a lot of bits still dotted around.

Now here’s the downside… after 5 mins of exploring the “fresh” side, I heard a key in the door behind us and the locks opening. Making the quickest decision to exit in my life, with tripod still fully extended, we made our way quickly to the point we entered. The entire time hearing voices behind us. In our rather rapid exit we didn’t realise we had cornered ourselves in the site, with security and workers at the only way we found in and out. Deciding not to climb over the fences to escape at a different end, we sat and waited it out. After an hour or so later and many pokemon caught, we seized our opportunity when secca left and left the workmen to the job. A quick run past the site office and we were out! Of course we could have just given ourselves up, but what’s the fun in that?

Away from the days story and onto the history now, pinched from Wikipedia of course. Which ironically I might add, is the identical information found on Pokemon… yep the site is actually a pokestop too!

The Tindal Centre (formerly Tindal Hospital) was a centre for the treatment of mental disorders in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England run by Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust. It includes a residential hospital for people with profound mental health difficulties and also counselling/therapy outpatient services. It is located to the north east of the town in an area colloquially known as Bierton Hill, opposite Aylesbury Prison. People that could not afford the fees of the local hospital Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital were sent to this workhouse.