The Folly Inn

Seeing a recent report on this place and searching for something to do during the corona times, this seemed an ideal place to isolate away from the world and enjoy the urbex world.

Asylums & Hospitals

The Tindal Centre

Back in the game after a bit of a break from the urbex world and teaming up with the original urbex buddies for the first time in nearly a year! So was a great laugh as always, as well as a semi good explore.


RAF Daws Hill

American military forces were first stationed at High Wycombe in 1942, shortly after the United States’ formal entrance into the Second World War. So urgent was the action that Wycombe Abbey School, situated on the land that would become the station, was given three weeks to find new facilities; failure in this effort led to the school’s closing, until the independent girl’s school was returned by the US in 1945.