The Folly Inn

Seeing a recent report on this place and searching for something to do during the corona times, this seemed an ideal place to isolate away from the world and enjoy the urbex world.

I have to say, I have never come across a place full of so much stuff! Unfortunately it does appear that kids have already been in and smashed everything they could get their hands on leaving the floor completely covered in some areas.

A great explore none the less, with the highlight for me being such a petrol head was the old american limo parked outside. In a rather sorry state for itself, but I do wonder if it would actually run again if the missing parts were re added 🤔

A snippet of history below copied from review website Pubs galore back in 2012.

The friendly landlady explained that the pub had been closed for a while, re-opening a week ago. Prior to that it had a somewhat chequered history, being open as often as it was closed. It’s currently for sale, and she works for a holding company who are just looking after it prior to it being sold. Whilst obviously not wanting to spend too much money on it, there are plans to put a pool table and darts board in the smaller room and start offering a basic food offering such as pies. One of the potential buyers apparently has plans to make it a ticketed venue with events such as live music, drag queens and lots of neon lights, consequently it’s future as a pub is somewhat uncertain. With only about a dozen punters having been in since it re-opened it’s clearly not sustainable in it’s present form and is only kept going by the attached B&B business.