St Peter and St Paul’s Church

With a slightly later Easter weekend start to the day than usual, making my way over to a certain church in Essex to meet with onethirtytwo_  to kick off the days splore.

Asylums & Hospitals

Melton Mowbray War Memorial Hospital

Without knowing what this place was or even the name of it, we decided to explore this place on the same day as another location very close by. Although totally stripped out inside, what an explore it turned out to be!


Cambridge Regional War Room (RSG4)

En route back from RAF Upwood we decided to stop by Cambridge’s Regional War Room, aka RSG4 after developing a somewhat large fascination of bunkers. I was almost not going to bother uploading this due to a lack of pictures and lack of entry at all, however as there are no reports on this place at all anyway here is what I did get along with some history on the place…