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SRHQ 4.2 Regional Government Bunker

UPDATE!! February 24, 2016 (Scroll to the bottom!)

After hearing rumours of this place undergoing works I thought I would go see what was going on as I was in the area. On approach my jaw hit the floor with the horrors of what used to be Sovereign House, it’s gone! Is it wrong to feel slightly emotionally attached to a bunker that kick started my love for urbex when I was a kid?

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Cambridge Regional War Room (RSG4)

En route back from RAF Upwood we decided to stop by Cambridge’s Regional War Room, aka RSG4 after developing a somewhat large fascination of bunkers. I was almost not going to bother uploading this due to a lack of pictures and lack of entry at all, however as there are no reports on this place at all anyway here is what I did get along with some history on the place…

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Houghton Grange Animal Testing Facility

Strugling to find many details on Houghton Grange and only being small number of reports online, from what I do know though is The facility was a government owned animal testing facility. The site is pretty secure with high tech wizardry cameras and the main building itself appeared to be under redevelopment so we were unfortunately unable to gain access, however a large number of outer buildings were accessible and have been pictured.

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