Industrial Military

High Down Rocket Test Site

At a very windy corner of the Isle of Wight, at the well known edge of The Needles, sits this rocket testing facility built to secretly test space rockets.


Pyestock Anechoic Facility

Missing the boat with the rest of the Pyestock site, the Anechoic Facility has been high on the list of places to see for quite some time and despite missing the boat, it was not a disappointment.

Industrial Rural

Pig Research Centre

Rather unexpected explore this one after being kicked out of another location, this was next on the list! Not to everyone’s taste but good for a little mooch around none-the-less. As always here’s a little history on the place sourced on the interwebs.


Houghton Grange Animal Testing Facility

Strugling to find many details on Houghton Grange and only being small number of reports online, from what I do know though is The facility was a government owned animal testing facility. The site is pretty secure with high tech wizardry cameras and the main building itself appeared to be under redevelopment so we were unfortunately unable to gain access, however a large number of outer buildings were accessible and have been pictured.