RAF Coningsby Weapons Store

Having taken a while out from urbexing while caught up in a few of life’s many distractions, but finally finding time to explore RAF Coningsby Weapons Store with RelictaSpirtus

The day started with a last min jump out of bed, and hitting the roads for the long drive to the opposite end of the country armed with the very little knowledge we had picked up online with the odd pointer from a helpful follower.

Upon arrival we quickly made our way inside, ignoring the MOD sign but watching our backs knowing the live RAF base was only a stone throw next door.

The weapons store was packed full of bunkers including the odd few still full of generator trailers and a cool military green digger as well as the main bunker with the control room and some rather comfy *insert sarcastic face* looking metal bunk beds.

There’s not much in the way of history on the site and it appears to be largely unreported on, so here’s the selection of images from the day.

Update 15/03/2020

Taking the opportunity to revisit this place with Capture Photography and find the naval ship guns I missed out 3 years earlier.