Off Road Action Park

Visiting a few times previously for non urbex related reasons, and touching on a few abandoned vehicles previously, little did I know the whole site is actually an old military themed action park.

Waiting for the next opportunity to pop up and head over again, I took my chance, grabbed the camera and walked about. Even meeting someone on site who knew all about the place when it was open, quite handy to have a tour guide with history on the place!

Turns out the whole place used to be an off road action park with climbing and paint balling sections. However considering majority of the buildings were porta cabins and majority of the race tracks were near enough non existent, my main interest was the abandoned vehicles and planes.

There’s plenty of history about but to save reading numerous news articles…

The action park was issued with an enforcement notice and forced to close in January 2011 after councils ruled noise pollution, the access road and the land being green belt were sufficient reasons to not remain closed.

Campaigners have fought to reopen the park with no success.