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St Edwards Hospital & School

Coleshill, not far from the NEC, is a large group of buildings owned by the Catholic church. The site is operated by The Father Hudson Society, which was originally founded by a priest, Father George Vincent Hudson. Father Hudson died in 1936 and was buried in the grounds though he was later disinterred and reburied within the Society’s church. Though there are active buildings on site there are also a number of abandoned buildings too.

One of the abandoned buildings is the Saint Edward’s Home for Boys, built in 1904. Although primarily a home for orphaned and abandoned boys it was also a school – in addition therefore to the dormitory accommodation etc. which you would expect to find, there are also school rooms and a chapel within the home. In 1998 the priest in charge of the school was convicted of 18 cases of child abuse and jailed for seven years. After only three years of his sentence he died in jail, but not before the Pope had stripped him of his rights as a priest for his sins. The building has been empty ever since 1996 and the feeling locally is that it should be knocked down because of it’s sordid history.

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Hi my name is Brian Smith and I would like to know if it is possible to do a tour of this Place. I would really love to do it. Mainly to take photos and video of the explore. Thank you in advance

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