St Lawrence Railway Tunnel

Working through as many locations over a 3 day weekend in the Isle of Wight, it would have been rude not to check out a nice old train tunnel hidden away on the side of a hill.

This one was pretty easy to find, although with already tired legs from climbing the hills and scaling cliff tops earlier in the day made things a lot trickier.

There’s not many pictures to show as the place looks pretty much the same apart from the odd phone on the wall and  sheeting and cabling from previous use as a mushroom farm.

Short snippet of history below shamelessly stolen from another forum member on another website.

The St Lawrence tunnel was on the Ventnor West Branch line, and opened in 1897. It operated until the line was closed in 1952. Since its closure the tunnel was used as a mushroom farm for a number of years and since then, the northern part was used as a storage site. It now sits abandoned.

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