Farleigh Down Tunnel

Having had this place on my must see list for quite some time and some recent pictures from other explorers giving us more of an incentive, a business trip the right direction was welcomed last minute.

This place is quite possibly the easiest accessible place I have been to for quite a while now, however nothing prepared us for the unexpected underground yet uphill climb.

I had actually seen some photos before heading to Farleigh Down and I was under the impression that this tunnel lead onto Box Mine, however I was very wrong. However doing the research after getting back home and realizing what we missed in the area means a return visit will be very likely.

There’s not too much to picture with over a mile long of tunnel, however these are some of my favorite pictures for quite a while now.

There’s a lot of history readily avaliable for this location, so instead of including it with the writeup I will simply leave the link to Subbrit here.

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