RAF Hunsdon Dispersed Site #3

With multiple Uber drivers refusing to take us to the middle of nowhere, we made our way on foot to what we thought was only a small number of air raid shelters. We were in for a nice surprise!

After exploring the small Stanton type air raid shelters, our attention was diverted away to multiple old military vehicles that were scattered around the site.

I am not sure if these are original, it seems as though the site may have been used for airsoft at some stage which explains the vehicles rusting away in a sorry state. But still a pleasant surprise!

This is only a small section of the site as there appears to be multiple dispersed sites away from the actual airfield itself. Having driven past the place multiple times, it made sense to start here first and with the bonus sights to see makes me a lot more eager to check out the rest of the sites!

There’s not much history to be found on the dispersed sites, so there’s not much to post about them without going into the airfield itself which I will leave for another report.

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