The New River Arms

Knowing this place was derelict for quite some time and never finding the oportunity to explore after rumors of local authorities using it for training, I was suprised to find nearly every door wide open.

Not letting the chance go I picked a night on a last min decision and made my way in -2c temperatures to The New River Arms.

Unfortunately the building has been totally stripped of anything worth seeing and is hard to decide if it’s ready for demolition, redevelopment or just been trashed by kids.

Rather strangely the entire building was filled with straw and pretty much nothing but straw. You could almost think you was in an abandoned farmhouse.

The New River Arms had not been successful for a number of years and subsequently lead to its closure.

The previous owners of the New River Arms public house decided to put the site up for sale after determining that it was no longer financially viable to keep it open as a public house, due to lack of custom.

Petitions to save the pub had failed and numerous plans for the site had been proposed but have all been rejected since its closure.