Vincent Lodge

After being tipped off and visiting this place a fair few months back without my camera, the perfect nights opportunity appeared and grabbing my camera I was on my way.

The building itself appears in relative good condition, which is unsupprising considering the google street view of the property shows it still in use. Other than the dampness and mould growing everywhere, most likely from the numerous broken windows and front door wide open. No hints on location there, yep Vincent Lodge is a code name!

Unfortunatly the building has been stripped of anything worth while other than the kitchen appliences, an iron and the odd photography or broom. I am not one for the supernatural but I will admit a door did slam shut behind me for no obvious reason but being an explorer that I am, I ignored that and carried on snapping away.

History? Well, what can I say… I can’t find anything without giving it away. Sorry people! But here’s the pictures anyway.