The Square

It’s been a while once again since I have explored, tied up in one of many of lifes distractions… However, I am back and this time armed with a new wide angle lens!

Exploring with one of my Instagram followers onethirtytwo_, great to meet a new explorer as well!

So, I have had my eye on this place for quite some time and watched it open and close its doors numerous times, but noticing the boarding had finally gone up and hearing the place had closed for the final time, I took the closest opportunity I could. Unfortunately, as with many places I seem to explore, the local kids had already got to it before me and smashed a lot of the place to bits.

Still with power turned on and much of the place still intact, we cracked on anyway.

The Square was an live music venue in Essex. It is managed by SquareOne Entertainment LLP who took over the venue in July 2008. After a 5-month closure period from the end of 2015. The Square re-opened on Friday 10 June 2016. SquareOne made the decision to reopen following a period of inactivity at the venue and problems locating new premises.

Prior to 2008 it was run by Essex County Council until funding was withdrawn and the venue was closed after over 35 years of service as a community resource.

In October 2015 The Square was shortlisted for NME Magazines ‘Britain’s Best Small Venue’ Competition.

The Square finally closed its doors on 1 January 2017.