Dukes Genesis Nightclub

Without even realizing this place had shut down in 2012 and with the odd few hazy memories from back in my college days, I woke up to a tip off that this place was now accessible. Gathering every detail I could and messaging the usual local explorers, myself and Tiny Urban Exploration were at the site the very same day.

After a slightly amusing issue with some totally unrelated security for the adjacent building, we were in the grounds and through a huge hole punched in the walls by the main dance floor by recent demolition works. Nothing much is left of either of the clubs other than the DJ stand and the bars, however there was surprisingly equipment left sitting around the site everywhere with the famous Dukes money littered everywhere. Even the dance floors themselves have been ripped up.

We were pleasantly surprised to find some apartments at the front of the building which were still full of the previous occupants belongings. Slightly more bizarrely though; letters dating back to the 1980’s and written in German too! Not what we were expecting to find at a nightclub at all but certainly an awesome find, especially to pre-date the club itself.

Many locals know the history of Dukes Genesis but here’s the history on the place, based on memory and information pieced together from various news articles.

Opened by Lou Manzi and Robert Bartella in 1982 and closing in 2012, Dukes Genesis (Formerly the Lion and Lamb pub) played a pivotal role in shaping the nightlife of tens of thousands of people in Essex and beyond as well as playing host to many famous names including Sean Kingston and Dappy (N-Dubz).

The club consisted of two clubs within one; Dukes Genesis being the main and Decadence in it’s own separate upper floor.

A combination of the smoking ban, and the 24-hour drinks license are rumored to be blamed for bringing about the closure.

Enough of the reading now, onto the pictures.